5 reasons for inflatable SUP boards

5 reasons for inflatable SUP boards

Are you thinking about buying a SUP board and are you still at the very beginning of your thoughts? Then read our 5 good reasons for an inflatable SUP board.

1. Transportability & Mobility
2. Sturdy construction and durability
3. SUP board inflatable: value for money
4. Winter storage
5. Wide range of iSUPs


Today's popularity of Stand Up Paddling dates back to the 1970s. Surf instructors wanted a quick way to cruise between their students on the water. The stand up paddle boards of the first hour were simple surf boards or longboards.

These already provided sufficient buoyancy to stay on the water, but were unsuitable for longer distances.

With the further development of the sport, SUP hardboards specially designed for stand up paddling came onto the market.

Hardboards are characterized by excellent driving characteristics.

The boards impress with their stiffness and excellent buoyancy.

Uncomplicated transport ? inflatable board.

Inflatable boards contributed to the spread of Stand Up Paddling thanks to their mobility.

The boards are inflated quickly and can be folded and transported in the SUP backpack.

Initially still clearly inferior to hardboards in terms of performance, the ISUPS have made a major development spurt, especially in recent years. Through various methods, such as "Drop Stitch" connecting the bottom and top of the board with nylon threads, today's I-SUPs can be inflated with significantly higher air pressure.

Basically, the inflatable SUP has many practical advantages over the hardboard, which I want to tell you about in the following article:

1. Transportability & Mobility

As the name suggests, the inflatable SUP can be pumped up and down, which makes it incredibly easy to transport your SUP. Whether in the trunk or in the backpack, the inflatable SUP can be taken anywhere.


inflatable SUP from 7.2 kg
Hardboard from 11 kg

In contrast to a hardboard, the ease of transport makes it easy to get to paddling spots that are otherwise difficult to reach.

  • Do you want to travel more often with your SUP?
  • Your place of residence is not directly on the water?
  • You have no possibility to transport a long hardboard (no roof rack or no own car)?

Then an inflatable stand up paddling board is the right choice in most cases.

2. Sturdy construction and durability

Even if you don't like to look at the inflatable SUP, it is much less susceptible to damage than a hardboard. In the rental we experience that it happens very quickly that you hit something when getting on/off or come across a tree trunk on the water.

The robustness of the inflatable SUP comes in handy, especially if you want to ride on flowing waters with your board. Pebbles in the riverbed usually cover your inflatable board without damage. With hardboards, on the other hand, unsightly scratches can quickly occur.

Due to the high elasticity of the inflatable SUP and the robust PVC layers, you usually don't have to worry about damage to your SUP. Even if damage occurs, it is possible to patch the board.

In contrast to this is the hardboard, which in the worst case can suffer irreparable damage.

3. SUP board inflatable: value for money

Another reason for buying an inflatable SUP is the low purchase price compared to renting it and the resulting non-local use of your own inflatable SUP. If you look at the average rental price for one hour, it only takes 40 hours on the water or a short vacation with your SUP to get the purchase price back.

The inflatable SUP is therefore a real investment, you will have a lot of fun and joy with your own board over several seasons.

4. Winter storage

And now the first and only tip, which does not refer to summer but to winter:

With the purchase of an inflatable SUP, you will have no difficulty storing your board in winter. Due to its small size and compactness, your board will overwinter without any problems. You will look forward to playing again next season!

5. Wide range of iSUPs

Finally, there is a wide variety of manufacturers when choosing an inflatable SUP board. In contrast to hardboards, you can choose from a wide range here. It is also possible to use your iSup as a kind of kayak on which you can paddle while sitting.

Different designs – if the look plays a major role for you in addition to functionality.
Different price categories - In the iSUP market there is a much more different price spectrum

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