9 Pros of an Inflatable SUP Board

9 Pros of an Inflatable SUP Board

1. Great for hikers

If you want to experience most of your adventure in one outing, consider an inflatable SUP board. It can be stored inside your backpack and easily hiked into a remote lake. You can take your inflatable paddle board to the most remote paddle spots imaginable, where a rigid paddle board just can't be easily carried.

2. Will last a very long time

Our iSUPs are made of triple-layer military-grade P​VC and drop-stitch core. Ultra-lightweight of 18 lbs and 350 lbs max weight capacity, which are near as durable as the rigid boards.

3. Make economic sense

iSUPs are a bit cheaper than a regular hard stand-up board. More than this, Valwix focus on producing cost-effective iSUP boards, which allow you to pay a reasonable price to get high-quality iSUP boards with complete accessories. So, you may save more money for other adventures when you invest in an iSUP.

4. Less transport hassle

Vehicle roof racks are required to transport a regular hard stand-up board. With an iSUP board, you'll just have to place it in your trunk. Setting up your iSUP is pretty simple once you get to your destination, it will only take 5-10 minutes to pump your board up.

5. Light weight

The inflatable boards's weight is less than a regular hard stand-up paddle board. iSUPs are ideal for kids and adults that might find a regular hard SUP heavy.

6. Less falling hurts

Inflatable SUP boards will give you a more forgiving surface to fall on. Therefore, in the event that you fail during a trick or stunt, you won't be hurt badly by falling on the board or the board falling on you.

7. Easy storage

Your storage worries just went away because, with an iSUP, you will have much more room for your other adventure gear. Your iSUP folds up like a sleeping bag and isn't much bigger than one. A regular hard stand-up board, on the other hand, is bulky and consumes a fair amount of space considering most are at least 10 feet tall.

8. Fly friendly

We mentioned the ease of traveling in your car with an iSUP but the same rule applies when traveling by plane. Whereas most hardboard SUPs are too long to check in as baggage, your iSUP fits nicely in the baggage hold and you typically won't pay an extra luggage fee.

9. Multiple uses

Whether you want to be alone, with a partner, with children, with parents or with pets, you can arrange a water activity. We have fully equipped iSUPs for yoga, meditation, fishing, touring, exploring.


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