Buying guide for inflatable kayak

Buying guide for inflatable kayak

An inflatable canoe buying guide tells you how to buy an inflatable kayak. This is popularly referred to as an inflatable canoe. Kayaking is a popular water sport. Just like stand up paddle boarding, it is easy for anyone to learn. It is a very accessible sport. A kayak and a kayak paddle are all you need to start kayaking. The most popular inflatable kayak is the two-person kayak. It is often used by couples and families.

The best range of inflatable canoes of the moment

We have done extensive research on what are the best inflatable canoes. Among other things, we took into account the price-performance ratio. In our webshop you will only find one canoe brand, namely Valwix.

Characteristics of an inflatable canoe

Just like the SUP boards, there are different types of inflatable canoes available. Valwix brand inflatable canoes are incredibly popular mainly because of their unique features.

The most important characteristics of an openable canoe

Inflatable: Valwix canoes are all inflatable. Thus, the kayaks can be taken anywhere.

Different kayaks: There are different quality levels of inflatable kayaks. In addition, of course, a distinction is made between a one-person and a two-person kayak.

Cheap Price: Compared to a hard polyester or plastic kayak, inflatable kayaks are much cheaper

Advantages of an inflatable kayak

The decisive factor is whether you want to use the kayak alone or in pairs. You can also choose a fixed kayak or an inflatable kayak. Below we have summarized the most important advantages of an inflatable kayak:

Together: Most inflatable kayaks are designed for two people, so you can enjoy a trip together.
Take your kayak with you everywhere: You can take the inflatable kayak with you everywhere. When not inflated, it can be easily folded and carried in a dedicated backpack.
Affordable alternative: Compared to other water sports products, the purchase price of a kayak is relatively low.

Featured: Valwix inflatable kayak

In our inflatable canoe buying guide, we featured the Valwix 2 person Kayak.

This is the ideal kayak for a parent plus child or anyone weighing up to 70kg. It is very easy to inflate and can be taken anywhere.

Valwix Kayak Package Contents:

Valwix Kayak
2 kayak paddles
foot pump
2 inflatable chairs
carry bag
Removable fin

Our tips for buying an inflatable canoe

There are different types of inflatable canoes for sale, but there is a big difference in quality. To complete this inflatable canoe buying guide, here are a few important tips for purchasing an inflatable kayak:

Think carefully about what you want to use the kayak for: do you intend to go on a long trip or is the canoe mainly for (with) the children(s)?

The right volume: The volume plays an important role. The more volume there is, the more weight the kayak can carry. If the canoe has a high volume, it generally also has good stability.

Space: If you don't have enough storage space, an inflatable kayak is very suitable. However, if you have the storage space, a plastic or polyester canoe is always a better choice (assuming you don't travel to different locations and don't have roof racks).

Do you want more information about buying an inflatable canoe that is not included in the inflatable canoe buying guide? Then please contact us.

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