Cleaning the Bounce Castle – What you have to consider

Proper cleaning and care of the bouncy castle can significantly extend the life of your bouncy castle. In this article you will learn everything you need to know so that you can enjoy your bouncy castle for years to come.


Like any material, the fabric of the bouncy castle must be cleaned when it gets dirty. In order to withstand the stress of the jumping children in the bouncy castle, they are made of a special, very stable and robust tarpaulin material. The material should usually be flame retardant and the seams are double or quadruple.


With the right storage and care, you can ensure that you can use your bouncy castle for as long as possible.

1. Assembling and dismantling the bouncy castle
In order to avoid unnecessary abrasion of the material, you should place a tarpaulin under the bouncy castle when setting it up on a hard surface such as asphalt, concrete, etc. In order to prevent drag marks or holes in the bouncy castle, it may also be dragged across the floor during assembly or dismantling. It is best to roll them together from the truck or car to the installation site and set them up or dismantle them accordingly.

Avoid sand on the bouncy castle as the fine grains of sand will abrade the surface of the fabric. Also make sure that there are no pointed or sharp-edged objects in the bouncy castle or in the immediate vicinity of the bouncy castle. This will reduce the risk of injury to the children and the bouncy castle.

2. Cleaning the bouncy castle

The bouncy castle is thoroughly cleaned. Remove any dirt from the bouncy castle while it is in use or when it is dismantled. Dust and mud can simply be wiped off with a cleaning rag. Leaves and grass can be removed quickly and easily with a broom or vacuum cleaner, for example.

To remove more stubborn dirt, we recommend cleaning the bouncy castle with a sponge or cleaning cloth and warm soapy water. Commercially available household erasers can also be very helpful here.

If the bouncy castle gets wet during use, it must be dried as quickly as possible. This can best be done by inflating indoors or outdoors.

However, if the bouncy castle was stored wet for a long period of time, mold may have formed. You can try to remove these sometimes quite stubborn stains with soapy water and a sponge, or possibly with a soft brush.

If you do not achieve any or only insufficient cleaning results and need stronger agents, handle the material as gently as possible. The use of harsh chemicals can embrittle the material and cause significant damage. So only use strong cleaning agents in an emergency and dilute them as much as possible. The treated areas must then be cleaned again with soapy water and allowed to dry.

Of course, no problaim will be happy to take care of all cleaning work on your bouncy castle. We have the right special cleaning agents for a lot of dirt and the necessary specialist staff to get your bouncy castle clean again.

3. Storage of the bouncy castle

In order to avoid mold formation in advance, the bouncy castle should always be stored in a dry place. Please make sure that the bouncy castle is completely dry not only on the outside but also on the inside (i.e. in the bulges of the bouncy area and the walls), otherwise mold can form in these damp areas.

The mold not only damages the fabric of the bouncy castle, but also the seams. Mold is also harmful to children's health!

As far as possible, the bouncy castle should not get wet. Therefore, it may be advisable to dismantle the bouncy castle when it rains and to roll it up so that the inside of the bouncy castle does not get wet. After the rain, inflate the bouncy castle again so that it dries as quickly as possible.

Tip: Your bouncy castle dries quickest and easiest in the sun. If there is a lot of rainwater in the bulges, place the inflated bouncy castle at an angle as far as possible or lay it on its side and leave the ventilation openings slightly open. Due to the increased air circulation, the bouncy castle also dries out faster on the inside.

Ideally, you should store or transport your bouncy castle in a transport bag. In this way, any dirt and expensive damage to the bouncy castle can be absorbed by the transport bag.

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