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【Pre-sale】Valwix 12ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
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How to find the right bouncy castle?

by valwix support 07 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Bouncy castles and inflatable houses are ideal for playing in the garden. They offer children hours of fun. Whether it's a princess castle or a pirate ship - depending on the model, inflatable playgrounds are supplied with a pump or an inflation device, with a ball pool, slide or roof. Some are even suitable for use in the pool.


Bouncy castles: from princess castles to pirate ships


Like trampolines, swings, swing frames and sandpits, bouncy castles are among the garden games that never go out of style. They're fun, colorful and their soft padding is perfect for safe hopping fun. Finding the right model and the right size is not easy: there are bouncy castles in many colors and there is something for every taste.


Parents often choose a princess castle for girls and a pirate ship for boys. When buying, pay attention to the number of children who will be playing in the bouncy castle. Experts generally recommend planning one square meter of space per child.


The outer walls of the bouncy castle must be higher than the height of the people playing. For outdoor use, the bouncy castle should have a roof. This protects the children from the sun and, if necessary, from the rain. In this way, they can enjoy the fun of the game in any weather.


Selection criteria when buying a bouncy castle


There are few features to consider when choosing an inflatable playground for kids, however, some are important for children's well-being and safety:

  • the materials, mainly PVC and nylon fabric (a higher density should be preferred for the pads);
  • the seams should be reinforced (often quadruple);
  • the noise level of the inflator (as quiet as possible, especially during continuous operation);
  • the height of the jumping pads, as this affects the shock absorption when the children jump;
  • recommended age of children (minimum and maximum age);
  • the weight of the children (maximum weight);
  • the height of the children (important when choosing the height of the bouncy castle);
  • allowed number of children in the bouncy castle;
  • included toys and accessories, such as a slide, balls, etc;
  • Compliance with standards (Directive 2009/48/EG on the safety of toys, DIN EN 71, Sections 1, 2 and 3, RoHS, EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive);
  • the use in the pool (for inflatable pool toys).

Requirements for building a bouncy castle


The place where the bouncy castle will be set up should be well thought out when you buy it. The dimensions of a bouncy castle can be found on the respective product page.

A distance of about 1.5 m must be provided around the bouncy castle.

If the inflatable playground is set up indoors, the ceiling height must be considered and a suitable model selected accordingly: otherwise, when jumping, the children could hit the ceiling and injure themselves.

It is also possible to set up a bouncy castle on a sloping floor. However, the slope should not be more than 5%. The playground equipment may only be set up up to this level. If the incline is too strong, you must choose another place.

To enjoy your bouncy castle without risk of injury, it is important that you follow basic safety instructions.

It must be spread out on a flat and clean surface.

It needs to stand free so it doesn't wear out from repeated rubbing against other objects.

It is recommended to place a tarpaulin under the bouncy castle to protect it from pebbles or rubbing against the ground, which can damage it.

A bouncy castle may not be used outdoors if the wind speed exceeds 20 km/h. This corresponds to wind force 4 on the Beaufort scale (when paper and dust fly away). Such weather conditions can be very dangerous for children. A gust of wind could lift the bouncy castle and tip it over.

The bouncy castle must never be placed under branches, under a power cable or under any other object that could come into contact with users or the bouncy castle itself.


Inflatable playgrounds and their conditions of use


When the bouncy castle is set up, the children jumping around in it must be supervised by at least one adult who can quickly intervene in the event of an accident.

Even if the playing surface is soft, there is a risk that the children will bump into each other or suffer serious falls.

All participants should remove shoes, watches, glasses or any other item that could increase the risk of injury.

It is strictly forbidden to eat or chew gum in the bouncy castle.

The youngest should also be reminded not to climb the walls of the bouncy castle.

All in all, the safety of the children is what counts when choosing a bouncy castle. This concern will guide the choice of the most suitable model so that young and old can have a good time in complete serenity. Don't forget to buy an inflator if it doesn't come with the bouncy castle.

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