How to properly store your air mattress

How to properly store your air mattress

Do you use an air mattress when camping? Then this blog post is interesting for you. Because with the right storage you can positively influence the lifespan of your air mattress.

Why is the correct storage of the air mattress so important?

If you use an air mattress when camping, you know that there are qualitative differences between the models on the market. You can definitely invest a lot of money in an air mattress, especially if it has an integrated pump. So it is understandable that the air mattress should not only be used for a holiday, but that it should ideally survive several seasons. You can do your part by paying attention to the correct storage. Not only should wear and tear be counteracted, mold or animal bites should not stand a chance.

Here you will find tips on how to properly store a self-inflating sleeping pad.

This is how you prepare the air mattress for longer storage

Before you pack away your mattress, it is important to prepare it for long-term storage. You have to do this for it:

The cleaning of the air mattress works well when inflated, depending on how dirty it is. Be extra careful when cleaning to avoid damaging the material. You should also avoid using particularly strong cleaning agents. At best, lukewarm water and a sponge are sufficient.

Now the air mattress has to dry well. If you pack them wet, the risk of mold is very high and it will be difficult to remove later.

At the latest now the remaining air has to be removed from the mattress. Open the valve and let the air escape by itself first. Because if you squeeze the air out under pressure, damage can occur. So give yourself a little more time. If your mattress has an integrated pump, you may be able to use the switch to deflate it.

Notes on packaging and storage location

Once most of the air has escaped, the mattress is ready to be packed and stored. Note the following:

In contrast to filled mattresses, the air mattress is optimally stored rolled up. Simply fold the mattress lengthwise. If the mattress is very wide, you will have to fold it several times. Then you start to roll up the mattress from below. The remaining air then escapes from the inside. When rolling, make sure that the surface is clean and smooth, because small stones or sharp points can cause holes.

Then you stow the mattress in the bag that comes with it. If you don't have these anymore, you can also use a bag that is large enough or buy a universal bag. A lockable box is even better. This will prevent mice from nibbling on your mattress. However, the box should not be moved much afterwards, because the friction can damage the material of the mattress.

You then store the packed mattress at room temperature in a place that is dry and well ventilated.

If damage occurs despite the tips, you can find out here how you can repair your air mattress.

Conclusion: This way you can enjoy your air mattress for longer

Air mattresses have a reputation for not being particularly durable. But if you treat your sleeping pad carefully and follow the storage tips, you can help yourself to enjoy your sleeping pad for longer.

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