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【Pre-sale】Valwix 12ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
ELECTRIC PUMP STANDING BY - Valwix stand up paddleboard comes with a dual stages inflation/deflation portable electric air pump. 8-min quick inflation which can blow up 2 SUPs in a row for family & friends. Do not let 20-min hand pumping kill your paddling...
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3 Person Towable Tube For Boating With Front & Rear Tow Points
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It's easier to paddle with two people - that's what matters

by valwix support 19 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Literally, being in the same boat means that a certain level of trust and cooperation is required. What applies in life also plays a decisive role on the water. Before the excursion, you should take enough time on a calm body of water to get to know the two-seater and each other. With these tips, paddling for two is very easy.

Experience makes the helmsman

The person at the back of the paddle boat always sets the direction and coordinates with the rhythm of the person in front. Whether paddle or double paddle - in order to make good progress, you have to pay attention to a certain uniformity.

The experienced person in the rear area is responsible for maintaining this synchronization. In addition, she fulfills the function of the helmsman and is responsible for steering. The person sitting in front tries to paddle as evenly as possible. Anyone sitting in the back must also communicate clearly about steering manoeuvres, turns and the like.

Our reading tip: When paddling, who sits in the front and who in the back?

Exchange of know-how

If you are paddling with a beginner, you should communicate all the important basics well in advance. If both people are absolute newbies, it is advisable to be instructed by an experienced paddler. The basics of steering, how to behave in strong winds or waves must be mastered by both people. Ignorance is a major security risk.

Anyone who has never been out on the water in a canoe, kayak or canoe should take advantage of offers for professional guiding for beginners and ask for help in clubs.

Variety for relaxation

Paddling in a canoe or canoe with a bladed paddle is boring and tires the body on one side. Changing sides regularly ensures an even load and allows you to paddle for longer.

It is also important that the seating position is changed every now and then in the various stages of the water. Even less experienced canoeists want to be in charge. On long stages you find a common focus through this variety and grow with the tasks.

Practice makes perfect - even when paddling

Directly with the boat on the water with the complicated current? Or do a paddling trip over several days? No way! The first attempts at paddling for two should be completed with enough time and in a comfortable environment without great demands. If you have coordinated after a few excursions, more and more demanding stages can be chosen.

Only if the focus is on having fun doing something together, paddling for two won't be a letdown. This awareness should always be taken on board along with the right equipment.

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