The 5 best water games for children

The 5 best water games for children

Garden design: The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and the ice cream now tastes particularly good. Summer is here - and are you already running out of ideas for games in the garden? Don't worry: there is one thing that always resonates with children. Namely: water! Of course we don't mean for drinking (although that's also good for your health, body and mind!), but for leisure fun! Water activities are popular with the whole family in summer.

Whether it's the swimming pool, the water slide in the garden, a bouncy castle with a small paddling pool, a water fight with water pistols or other water games: children never get enough of the cool water. So that you too can offer your children fun cooling off in your own garden, we have listed the 5 best water activities for your own home here.

1. We invite you to the unique lawn sprinkler ballet

Do you have lawn sprinklers in your garden? Ever jumped over it? Children like to do this again and again and make the jumps more and more daring. With the right music, this quickly becomes a different kind of water ballet. Make a challenge out of it. Simply ask your children for a professional performance: they can choose a song and think up a dance. The only condition: the lawn sprinklers must be integrated. The little ones have 2 hours to prepare for the show. Of course there must also be (homemade) tickets that you can buy. And you're guaranteed to have the morning free and can enjoy a magazine in a sunny deck chair or prepare lunch.

2. The big water fight on the water slide

Real movement is required here! And children love wild romping! Especially when water is involved. Whether it's water balloons, water pistols, the garden hose or large buckets: water fights are fun for young and old. It gets even better when the children have to defend a fortress against the enemy (the parents). For example, a bouncy castle with an inflatable water slide is suitable as a knight's castle. We will tell you where you can get these from under point 5. With this in mind: To the water cannons....water....march!

3. Invent your own irrigation system

Get creative support from your kids. How can you water your plants so that they don't drown in the rain and don't dry out in the sunshine? And all that without constantly running around with the watering can? Automatic irrigation systems are on the rise and can relieve a hobby gardener of a lot of work and do the plants good. But before you deal with the professional landscape architects, see if you can find your own solution with your children. You can find tips and tricks on what to look out for with such an automatic irrigation system here.

4. Create a pond

Whether for paddling, swimming or just watching frogs or carp: A private pond in the garden looks beautiful and is a real experience for children. Especially if you create it yourself. Be sure to follow safety precautions: It is absolutely forbidden for children to play alone at the pond. If in doubt, set up a water slide in the garden until the children are a bit older or fence off the garden pond. However, once the dangers have been eliminated, a pond in your own garden can become a great spot for observing animals and plants! By the way, this applies to small and large!

5. A bouncy castle with a water slide in the garden

As already mentioned above: Children love water especially in connection with movement and bright colors. An inflatable water slide as part of a bouncy castle with a paddling pool in your own garden is therefore a child's dream. Here the children can become pirates or knights, save the damsel or simply slide down the inflatable water slide. Does your garden also need a bouncy castle with a water slide? At you will find inflatable water slides, bouncy castles and paddling pools that make children's hearts beat faster. Particularly practical: after use, they can simply be folded up again and stowed away.


Games and activities related to water are a great idea to easily create exciting experiences for children in your own garden. Whether it's a water slide, a bouncy castle with a paddling pool, a water ballet or a water fight: your children will surely love the wet affair.

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